Prep Your Quilt Top

Prep Your Quilt for Quilting Checklist


  • Check for and repair loose seams.
  • Press all seams flat.
  • Remove loose threads from the front and darker threads from the back.
  • The quilt top must lay flat to prevent puckering and folds.
    TIP: Measure your quilt top along the top, bottom and center. Even measurements indicate a flat top.
  • Baste outer edges of pieced borders to prevent stretching.
  • Make sure any appliqu√© is secure.


  • Backing and batting must be 8″ longer and wider than the quilt top.
    A 4″ allowance on all sides is necessary for maintaining proper tension during quilting.
  • Make sure all four sides of your backing have straight edges and are not cut on the bias.
    TIP: While holding opposite sides together, the folded area of the fabric should hang smoothly.


  • No selvages in a top. ¬†Selvages can only be on the outer edges of backing.
    TIP: Selvages shrink at a different rate than the rest of the fabric and will cause puckers.
  • Tops, batting & backing must be separate for proper loading on the quilting frame.
  • NO PINS!
  • NO BASTING (except for outer edges of pieced borders)!